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Past Projects

  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Mitigating the Threats of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in the Insular Caribbean
  • Early Action Grant – Supporting Country Action on the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas Economic Valuation of 3 Protected Areas
  • Piloting Natural Resource Valuation within Environmental Impact Assessments - Natural Resources Evaluation Project
  • Support to GEF Eligible CBD Parties for carrying out 2010 Biodiversity Targets National Assessment Phase III - Preparation of the 4th National Report (4NR) to CBD
  • Natural Assets Management Project
  • Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project
  • Integrated Watershed and Coastal Area Management
  • International Atomic Energy Agency Use of Nuclear Techniques to Address the Management of Coastal Zones in the Caribbean Region Project
  • Biodiversity Add-On Project