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  • Land Development and Utilization Commission (LDUC)

    The Land Development and Utilization Commission (LDUC) is established under section 12 of the Land Development and Utilization Act (LDUA).

    Present Members

    The present members are:

    1. Mr. Don Mullings, CD, JP - Chairman
    2. Mr. Peter Knight, CD,JP  - Former CEO and Government Town Planner, NEPA
    3. Mr. Keith Blake
    4. Mr. Peter Clarke
    5. Miss Mildred Crawford,  Representative of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry responsible for Agriculture
    6. Mr. Ewan Simpson
    7. Mrs. Elizabeth Stair, OD, JP
    8. Mr. Herbert Thomas
    9. Ms. Joan Brown

    Duties of the LDUC

    Per section 14 of the LDUC Act, it shall be the duty of the Commission -

    (a) to ensure that occupiers of agricultural units fulfils their responsibilities under this Act to form the agricultural lands in such units.

    (b) to ensure that such agricultural land is, as far as possible, properly developed and utilized; and 

    (c) to perform such other functions as may be required by the Minister.