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There is one regulated hunting season permitted by NEPA, which is the Game Bird Shooting Season. This hunting season is declared annually and allows hunter to seek a license to shoot four species of bird, the White-winged Dove (Zenaida astiatica), Bald-pate (Columba leucocephala), Long-tailed Pea Dove (Zenaida macroura), Pea Dove (Zenaida aurita), under a set shooting quota, location and time period.

NEPA is responsible for enviromental matters that speak to the:

  • The Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act;
  • The Town and Country Planning Act;
  • The Land Development and Utilization Act;
  • The Beach Control Act;
  • The Wtersheds Protection Act; and
  • The Wild Life Protection Act;
  • Endangered Species (Protection, Conservation and Regulation of Trade) Act

Overall; NEPA's legislative mandate involves protecting the natural environment which encompasses both urban and rural landscapes.

The first rule is to leave the animal alone, do not harm, harass or kill the animal. Call NEPA to report the matter and seek guidance on how to guide the animal back to its natural habitat. Sometimes this can be done by the individual but for larger species, such as crocodiles and snakes, this may require asssistance from wildlife professional. When in doubt call NEPA and/or the Police.

The main function of the Spatial Planning Division (SPD) is to proactively lead, guide, manage and direct spatial development within Jamaica, so as to ensure the sustainable development of its resources to make Jamaica, "The place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business".