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National Ozone Unit Projects

Projects carried out in Jamaica include:

The Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling Training Programme

National Programme for the Recovery and Recycling of Refrigerants

Recovery/Recycling Project for Jamaica's Mobile Air-conditioning Sector (MAC Project)

Demonstration project in Alternatives of Methyl Bromide in Structural and Commodity Fumigation

Development of a Refrigerant Management Plan for Jamaica

Customs Officers training for the monitoring of imports and exports of ODS

Development of Jamaica's National Halon Plan

Regional Halon Bank Management Plan for the English Speaking Caribbean

A Project to Eliminate the use of of CFC-11 in the foam Industry

Good Refrigeration Practices Training Programme

Publication of Code of Good Practice manual

Terminal Phase Out Management Plan/Retrofit Replacement project – implemented by Environment Canada (EC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

  Institutional Strengthening Project – implemented by United Nations Environment Programme

Technical assistance to phase out the use of methyl bromide in Jamaica – implemented by EC

Preparation of the HCFC phase out management plan – implemented by UNDP