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The Ozone Act will not be promulgated as to date Jamaica has achieved all targets under the Montreal Protocol through the use of Ministerial Orders under the Trade Act. These Orders will be expanded or new ones created to achieve additional ODS phase out targets under the Montreal Protocol.

Existing Ministerial Orders are below:

Prohibited CFC Based Equipment and Substances

The importation of the following CFC-based air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment is prohibited.
(a) Any air-cooling, heating or dehumidifying unit or system
(b) Refrigeration or freezer unit, equipment or system
(c) Display cabinets, bottle coolers, vending machines, dispensing units and soda fountains
(d) Any motorised equipment or conveyance including off-road vehicles
(e) Motor vehicles as defined under the Road Traffic Act
(f) Vessels as defined under the Shipping Act
(g) Refrigerated containers
(h) Aerosol cans
Other Equipment Halon-based fire-fighting equipment
Substances Foams and solvents, which use, contain CFCs