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Code of Practice
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Code of Practice for the Refrigeration
and Air-conditioning Industry

The Code of Practice is one of the tools recommended to aid countries that are signatories to the Montreal Protocol. The Code defines minimum standards of good practices for servicing refrigeration systems among other things and is a source of information for the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Sector.

The Code of Practice is an important part of the regulatory framework to support all other phase-out activities within the Refrigerant Management Plan. It will be revised as new technology and advancements are made to address future problems, legislation and needs.

    The Code of Practice was developed:

  • to define minimum standards in the servicing of refrigeration systems

  • as a resource document for use in training and the development of training materials within the sector.

  • to help initiate communication between stakeholders

  • to reduce the consumption of ODSs in a cost effective manner

  • to improve environmental quality, safety and general health