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Winning The Fight For Public Beaches

Published by: The Gleaner on September 30, 2018

Discovery Bay community groups have won a major victory. Peach Beach is not going to be privatised. It will soon be upgraded by the Government and maintained as a public beach. It took a lot of hard work. A 'Save our Beaches' campaign was launched. There were protest meetings in the square, media interventions, and negotiations with politicians. Just a constant struggle!

Why no upgrade of Clarendon beaches, Mr Bartlett?

Published by: The Gleaner on September 29, 2018

On January 23, 2015, The Gleaner carried a story captioned 'Smooth sailing for beach upgrade programme'. Wykeham McNeill, the then minister of tourism, announced the initiative, during the Sectoral Debate, of at least one beach in every parish being "transformed to make quality recreational spaces available to the public, visitors and residents alike".

J'cans urged to get involved in cleaning beaches

Published by: Jamaica Observer on September 13, 2018

Public Relations Officer at the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), Ollyvia Anderson (right), provides details about the Adopt a Beach programme, at a JIS Think Tank. Looking on is Beaches Coordinator at NEPA, Chalene-Roye Myrie.

Seaweed nightmare - Businesses suffering because of unsightly brown algae

Published by: The Star on September 3, 2018

Patrick Hill, who has been working on the Hellshire Beach for more than a decade, clears a section of the Sugarman's Beach at Hellshire of sargassum. The seaweed has been found washed up on the beach, and has been a source of major concern for beach goers.

Coastal Management and Restoration Guidelines: Jamaica

Posted: August 27, 2018

The Restoration Guidelines present strategic planning considerations and from this, clearly outline the process that should be followed when planning, designing and managing coastal management and beach restoration interventions. The Guidelines are therefore intended for: Technically competent persons from organisations or groups with responsibilities or a need to undertake planning, design, or monitoring/maintenance of technical interventions.

Jamaica Environment Trust - An Introduction to Better Beach Management for Jamaican Communities

Posted: August 27, 2018

Jamaica has 87 public bathing beaches which are designated for the use and enjoyment of the Jamaican people by the Government of Jamaica. Public bathing beaches not only provide opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature, but they are also important sources of income generation for Jamaicans, via cook shops, water sports and other recreational activities. Jamaica also has over 120 fishing beaches, where fishers land their catch and sell the fish. Some public beaches are designated as both bathing beaches and fishing beaches, but the two categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Jamaicans are concerned that they are losing access to public beaches, as more and more hotels and other types of infrastructure are built along the coast.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund Beach Rehabilitation programme

Posted: August 21, 2018

This project aims to enhance public access to beaches to ensure that these recreational spaces are available for use by all citizens, given the high demand of tourism for beaches. Understanding the project cycle, design and construction times and using previous experiences to guide operations, the Tourism Enhancement Fund has embarked on the execution of the design plan for several beaches across the island.

Closed Harbour Beach, St. James

Posted: August 21, 2018

This project promises to be one of the most transformational projects in the tourism sector and will offer a place for recreation and business. The project is proposed to house among others:

  1. Jogging Track
  2. Artisan Village

A lease is a licence to exploit?

Published by: The Gleaner on August 12, 2018

I certainly regret the error in the headline of my column published last Sunday: 'J$13,000 a year to lease Puerto Seco Beach!' It's the annual licence to operate the beach that costs this pitifully low sum. The cost of the lease is, allegedly, J$3,000,000 (reported as J$2 million per year for the first three years by Coy Roache, managing director of Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited, in a letter to The Gleaner published yesterday). But even this much higher fee is still a steal.

We're Not Just Bitching Over Beaches

Published by: The Gleaner on August 11, 2018

The recent debate about the Puerto Seco Beach has revealed, once again, that we need to have a conversation about leisure. We need to begin talk about how accessible and affordable recreational spaces are for the majority of our citizens, the absence of these facilities in communities, including new developments, and what opportunities exist for everyone to enjoy the country like tourists, expats and wealthier Jamaicans.

Turtle killers arrested — NEPA

Published by: Jamaica Observer on August 2, 2018

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Men observed on a video killing a turtle in Nine Miles Bull Bay in St Andrew on June 6, have been arrested and charged for breaches under the Wildlife Protection Act, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has reported.

Emancipate All Beaches Now!

Published by: The Gleaner on July 29, 2018

Emancipation Day is a prime occasion for us to reflect on the legacies of plantation slavery. On August 1, 1834, enslaved Africans were emancipated. Sort of! They were forced to work for free for another four years under a new scheme called Apprenticeship. In effect, they were compensating their presumed masters for their own emancipation.