Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

What is Environmental Education for Sustainable Development?

Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (EESD or EE for SD) entails a learning process which will equip Jamaican citizens with the knowledge, skills, values and practice needed to live in a sustainable way.  It promotes a concern for the future, the sustainable use of natural resources and social equity.  It targets the young and the old alike, through formal and non-formal educational activities.

EESD fosters:

  • An understanding of how the environment, economy and society affect each other

  • Positive change within individuals and organizations

  • Life-long learning in schools, the home, the workplace and the community

  • An understanding of the links between personal, local, national, regional and global concerns

  • An understanding of what causes environmental and developmental problems, and how to solve them

  • Consideration and respect for cultural, historical and natural heritage

  • Aware and active individuals and communities working towards sustainable ways of living

  • An understanding of science and technology and their effects on people’s lives and livelihoods

  • An appreciation of the vital importance of sustainable human development as a basis for everything we do.

Source: National Environmental Education Action Plan for Sustainable Development - NEEC,1998